Some of our students have become engineers, teachers, nurses and business men and work some big companies. A few of them have got jobs in abroad and support their families.

We are now educating over 750 students at St. Patrick’s  school. Currently twenty students get vocational training at St. Patrick’s community college.

With the help of our Community College program, many of our students have become health care professionals and  School teachers. Kodaikanal Community College students succeeded very well in securing jobs from banks and import companies.

St. Mary’s Health Center treat over 300 patients each month from more than ten villages. It is fully staffed by health care team.

We have trained over 150 volunteers to act as First Responders and provide first aid in their villages.

We have built over 80 homes for tsunami victims and for many widows.

We have formed 10 self-help widows’ groups to build their own business and to support their families.

We have organised the first ever conference for widows on International women’s Day.

We have two successful milk-cooperative societies run by widows toward their empowerment.


Community Care Trust is responding to the COVID – 19 pandemic by providing
dry rations for the needy and the poor. Your support will be greatly appreciated.