The highlight of our service is the availability of our staffs for 7×24 at our main clinic. We serve a community who has no easy access to health care and for emergency services. Our people have no health insurance and there is no 911 facility. We have trained the local people to be the First Responders in case of emergency. We do not make money out of our service but we assure them of hope and continuous care. In India, infant mortality is 3 deaths per 100.  Parasitic worms rob children of nutrition they may get from their meager meals. We provide medicines so they can grow up strong and healthy. According to UNICEF, India has more malnourished children under the age of five than any other country in the world. Due to a lack of clean water and medical care, many suffer from easily treatable or preventable diseases. Without proper education, children in India are trapped in a lifestyle of poverty, without the skills to help them see a successful future. Through compassionate care, our staffs have increased the number of patients from different villages. We provide this kind of cost effective health care for the poorest of the poor population who would otherwise easily die for simple reasons. The people are really fortunate to have our clinics open every day. For emergencies, people rush to our clinic for first aid. Our center is a source of blessing and healing.


Community Care Trust is responding to the COVID – 19 pandemic by providing
dry rations for the needy and the poor. Your support will be greatly appreciated.