I would say the areas where I felt most humbled were the experiences at the medical camps and schools. Having a business major and my own marketing company, I had no idea what I was going to see at the medical camps. Seeing patients with a variety of diseases and malnutrition re-opened my understanding of how privileged I am to be in the position I am today, and how I have to work extremely hard to help others succeed and have long healthy lives. Finding my own way of impact in the health sector is a newfound goal I have for the future.
We learned so much about the Indian healthcare systems and operations, even having firsthand experience in an orthopedic operating room. After the visits to the medical clinics and hospitals we arrived at St.Patrick’s Matriculation School where the whole student body welcomed us with dances and traditional marches. Their faces lit up with excitement and happiness at our arrival. We were then able to teach them and interact with every classroom. Everywhere we went all the students waved and introduced themselves. They were genuinely excited about having us there with them. All the teachers and staff were so nice and did an amazing job teaching the despite limited resources.
From going in a house with a roof that is made of the surrounding vegetation and seeing how happy the family was, and how happy people were all around even if they were sick, the greetings and the smiles that were given showed me the happiness of the culture and the amount that they were willing to give. Going to the government hospital must’ve been one of the most amazing experiences as were able to enter the operating room and see surgical procedures as well as be hands-on.
One of the most jaw dropping celebrations I have seen once again was the welcoming at St. Patrick’s. We could not believe it. The entire school gave us a welcome. I am going to be honest, my happiness peaked when I was at that school. Students filled with joy and immense potential. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the warmest, loving community I have ever seen. This welcoming celebration is something that each one of us will carry with us for the rest of our lives. I can tell that looking around everyone truly cares for each other.


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