Dalits form around 16.6% of India’s population

Uttar Pradesh stands first with 20.5% of the total scheduled caste (SC) population, followed by West Bengal with 10.7%, Bihar with 8.2% and Tamil Nadu with 7.2% come third and forth according to 2011 census.

Dalits & Poverty: An Overview

While India claims to be one of the superpower nations in the world, it is a sad reality that 320 million people still live below poverty line in India. This is 25 percent of the Indian population. Most of them make less than two dollars for their living. Most of them are Dalits who have no decent living. More than 40 million children are working as cheap labors in factories and shops to supplement their parents’ income. Children who are supposed to study and play are forced to remain in-door at the companies to work till the late hours. According to UNICEF, India has more malnourished children under the age of five than any other country in the world. Hiring children is against the law but poverty forces these children to get trapped into this situation. Majority of them are Dalits who are still degraded, marginalized and relegated to the most menial tasks. The Indian Constitution beckons every single citizen of India to strive to build a sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic. The most shocking reality in this country is still 160 million Dalits are continue to be the most deprived, dispossessed and dehumanized section of Indian society. The Constitution of India has abolished untouchability. There are stringent laws in the country to deal with crimes perpetrated against Dalits. But still, as per the report of the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights, every hour nearly three crimes and atrocities are committed against Dalits all over India.


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